Selling Loose Diamonds for Cash NYC

Selling Loose Diamonds for Cash NYC

Sell Loose Diamonds For The Most Cash

buy-loose-diamondsSelling your loose diamonds is actually a tricky although lucrative aspect and has to be entered upon only when you’ve some basic understanding of the precious gems. To start with, get an evaluation done for your diamonds on-sale. A gemologist lab or a competent diamond appraiser will help one to determine the current market value of one’s precious gems. You’ll discover a diamond certificate which has an assessment on the basis of the 4 C’s of your diamonds which are carat, cut, clarity and color. This will impact the value of the diamond significantly, the better the clarity and the higher the carat the more value will bring.

To obtain a fast appraisal for your loose diamonds, your in the right place and we are the people who will get your diamond appraised. The GIA, EGL are laboratories which certify diamonds. They are doing approve your diamonds but do not spot any market value on them. Nonetheless accreditation is an essential instrument to determine the worth of your diamonds. Armed using a diamond certification, you’ll be able to get the value for your loose diamonds or stones in a quick manner.

The next step to selling your diamonds would be to find a place that buys them (HINT HINT US) All that is needed to do is to set up an appointment and come down to our office and bring all the documentation as possible to get the maximum value for your diamond. Safety is a main concern for most and you should sell your diamond to a company not somebody on a classified ads site or an auction site.

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