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Nut Of The Month

When it comes to nuts, no other supplier comes close to the service and value offered by Nut of the month club. With nut gift boxes, special nut recipes, and a signature nut of the month event, you are guaranteed an experience that wouldn't only award you some of the best quality nuts you can get your hands on, but also amazing value for your money.

So what really is this nut of the month event about?

The nut of the month event is a special event designed by us here at Nut of the month club to not only serve the best serve our customers the best quality nuts but also to give them a taste of new nuts in the process.

The program is carried out on a monthly basis and can be subscribed for depending on the membership plan customers select on signing up.

Customers have the choice to sign up for 3 months, 6 months, or for a 12 month period with all offering the same benefits over the period they are subscribed for.

This nut of the month membership offers members the opportunity to get their hands on some added incentives along with some nutrition facts on the nuts that they receive each month.

What are some of the added incentives that come with the nut of the month membership plans?

The nut of the month membership plans offer subscribers the opportunity to get their hands on some of the best nuts you can get the market but things don't end there. You are also provided with more, much more which is one of the reasons why customers really appreciate the program and also why it has seen our company being branded as the editor's choice for

Some of the benefits that our nut of the month program makes available to members are;

  1. Free nut recipes.

Nuts are such amazing snacks that they got with just about any other snack ingredient. Chocolates, vanilla, ice cream, you name it but what some don't know is that the implementation ideas far exceed beyond the snack borders.

We at the nut of the month club, look to expand your horizons by making monthly nut dish making recipes available to you. Some of such recipes are the Hazelnut Pesto which we ship on January with the roasted hazelnuts, the baked fish with mushrooms and smoked almonds recipe which we ship with the Hickory smoked almonds and the Oriental Stir-Fry Chicken which we ship with the Roasted salted Cashews to name a few, all of which and more are made available to members.

  1. Nutrition facts.

 We also understand the importance of your health and look to make you aware of the health benefits of each nut you get monthly by providing you with nutrition facts inclusive for each month.

All of this and more make for the perfect nut of the month experience which you shouldn't miss out on.

Are you interested in getting in on the action? then simply reach us on 888-NUT-CLUB for enquires


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